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Philips Hue SDK - iOS/OS X

The Software Development Kit for Philips Hue on iOS and OS X (beta)

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Introduction to the iOS/OS X SDK.

The iOS/OS X Hue SDK is a set of tools that are designed to make it easy to access the Hue system through the Hue Wi-Fi network connected bridge and control an associated set of connected lamps. The aim of the SDK is to enable you to create your own applications for the Hue system. The tools are provided with documentation for the SDK and example code.

To develop for Hue you require the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting System.

Example Source Code

There are currently 3 sample apps with source code, which demonstrate how to use the SDK:


For an explanation of the key concepts and how to use the SDK, please refer to the README.

For further developer information please visit:

Support or Contact

Having trouble developing for Hue? Any problems please raise an issue on GitHub.