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Friends of Hue program - Update

Hi Hue developers,

Please read the following statement on the Friends of Hue program / blocking 3rd party bulbs.

Added 21 Dec 2015 - 18.00

The rollout is now completed worldwide. For details please see here: http://www.developers.meethue.com/documentation/3rd-parties-and-homekit

Added 17 Dec 2015 - 20.03

Thank you for your feedback. We will be ready soon to roll out the reversal of the software upgrade for Philips Hue. We start in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands tomorrow, 18 December. Worldwide roll out will be completed by end of day Monday, 21 December. 
To install the new software, just start your Philips Hue app and follow the “New Software Update” notification in the main menu. It may take some time before the update is available in your region. To force your system to fetch the new software please unpower and repower your bridge.

Added 16 Dec 2015 - 10.30

We recently upgraded the software for Philips Hue to ensure the best seamless connected lighting experience for our customers. This change was made in good faith. However, we under estimated the impact this would have on a small number of customers who use lights from other brands which could not be controlled by the Philips Hue software. In view of the sentiment expressed by our customers, we have decided to reverse the software upgrade so that lights from other brands continue to work as they did before with the Philips Hue system.


We are working on the reversal of the upgrade and will shortly confirm when this will be available.


Philips remains committed to providing our customers with the best possible connected lighting experience. That is why we launched the Friends of Hue partnership program to test and certify that products and platforms from other brands work seamlessly with Philips Hue. Customers using uncertified lights may continue to have the same incompatibility issues as before, such as lights not dimming to off, creating the right colors or scene experience.


Philips welcomes other brands to join as Friends of Hue so that we can work together to ensure seamless and great lighting experiences.

Added 16 Dec 2015 - 13.30

Q. Why have you reversed your strategy?
We underestimated the impact this would have upon the small number of our customers who currently use uncertified lights from other brands in the Philips Hue system. We have decided to continue to enable our customers who wish to integrate these uncertified products within their Philips Hue system.

Q When will the software upgrade be reversed?
We are currently finalizing a new software upgrade and will let you know shortly when this will be available.

Q: How will you ensure compatibility with untested products?
Building an interoperable and future proof system like Philips Hue requires us to continually add functionality. This means we must put products from other brands under continuous tests and upgrades. We do this through our Friends of Hue partnership program, which enables us to certify and ensure compatibility with Philips Hue.  We will not actively block them and will continue to rely on the level of compatibility offered by ZigBee certification.

Q: What specific compatibility issues will remain after the roll back?
All compatibility issues that were present previously will remain, such as lights not dimming to off, creating the right colors or scene experience. Compatibility issues may arise as new products and features become available that are not Friends of Hue.

Q: How can customers get back to their old situation?
Once rolled out, our customers will be prompted to install the new firmware via the Philips Hue app. For lights that have compatibility issues with Philips Hue scenes, the user may have to edit and re-save the scene in the Philips Hue app to regain the old functionality. If these scenes are used with our physical switches the newly saved scene will need to be configured for use.

More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Hue Developers Support - Niek

 Regarding your new statement

 Regarding your new statement.  

1. When I did the update the lights were completely gone and unusable. And no way to re-add them. Not as you state still there. Even if this was the case it completly makes your reasoning null and void.  That light type works so why can't we add them?
2. We are happy to live with these slight issues like fading etc
3. You did this without telling us or anyone or any warning at all. 
4. How can you say you are ZLL compatible when you are blocking ZLL certified devices like the FLS-PP 
5. The very point you mention that only a tiny percentage actually HAVE third party lights is the reason wea re all baffled by this. ONLY hardcore HUE users are building larger systems and relying on them and you killed all our setups. 
6. We are the ones recommending your system to everyone.  Clealy not goingt to happen anymore if this is the way you treat us. 
7. If we knew this would happen we wouldn't have updated the Firmware. 
8. Have you left the Connected Light Alliance as you are now completly against it's principles?
9. You don't provide solutions for evryone. No in switch balasts or Led lighting controllers. If you did we woudl have bought them... but your hardware cycle is insanely slow. 




Precisely it

Prowl stated the facts most succinctly.
The only reason for this move to break standards and destroy the ineroperability is pure greed.
The people running this just do not "get it"
Then to further embaass all of us with  these weasely words is insulting.

What is needed are more and better devices and better compatibility.
Perhaps we could use some light bulbs with more lumens

Fluoresent tube replacements.

Wall switch relacements


If you choose to break Zigbee compliance, please offer our money back first.


I solved it. Seems the lights

I solved it. Seems the lights had a firmware update. So I unplugged the bridge, unplugged the light plugged the light back in and plugged the bridge in. And now my lights were updated and no more software download message.

Wouldn't it be nicer to add

Wouldn't it be nicer to add an option in the settings menu like 'experimental 3rd party bulb support'?

With an clear hint for users that you're not providing support for issues with these devices. That way youre existing customers won't be too upset and you can still promote your Friends of Hue program as guaranteed high quality class of devices while still beeing open.

I think the best solution is neither blocking nor assuming all devices as equal good (which they are clearly not) but still let users to chose to use non Friends of Hue products on their own behalf.

That would be lovely


Enable 3rd party again (optionally) and/or let us revert..

Happy to see Philips is taking this issue serious, not so happy to read there is no realistic solution offered at all to users who do have 3rd party bulbs in place and were happy customers until the update.I've genuinely thought that any 'Zigbee Light Link' certified device would always be able to be controlled by the Hue bridge. I believed Philips was promoting open standards and interoperability.  Having that in mind I bought into Hue and also convinced friends that Hue will have a great future as main Hub for ZLL lights within an automated home. Apparantly I was being naive..

Also, please apologise to us for the abrupt update without any warning. You knew it would block 3rd party bulbs and hence intentionally ruining a lot of setups at customers.
Offer a solution so people can revert the update in case they did without knowing the consequences, please let us know how to do it.

Wouldn't it be nicer to add an option in the settings menu like 'experimental 3rd party bulb support'?

Agree. Let users decide whether they want an 'unsupported' configuration or not. Let we call them 'Friendly Guests of Hue': ZLL lights that are not (yet) certified as 'real Friends'.
We have no way to go back to the previous firmware (do we need to buy a new 'old' bridge??), and the update will happen some day, maybe by accident or during a required reset of the bridge.



There IS a path to give everyone what they want

Firstly, thank you coming forward with a straight explanation.

Secondly, here is a perfect opportunity to take the high road give the community what they want and still maintain the high standards.  Based on this statement, I think it is safe to assume this decision wasn't financially motivated:

Today these 3rd party bulbs represent a minimal fraction of the total product connected to our bridges so the percentage of our users affected is minimal.

Since you know how to block 3rd pary bulbs, you also know how to not block them:

we introduced a change which stops untested products being able to join the Philips Hue bridge.

The solution to keeping everyone happy is quite obvious:

Wouldn't it be nicer to add an option in the settings menu like 'experimental 3rd party bulb support'?

As an end user, I would prefer the ability to choose whether I use Philips hue system just as I have since I first purchased, knowing that I use 3rd party products at my own risk.  Please let me make the decision!  I think we are all perfectly fine with hitting a toggle and accepting a disclaimer.

what about the facts you promised?

See here: http://www2.philips.de/konsumentenpresse/fernseher/pdf/Philips_Hue_Backg... (German)


Außerdem lässt sich das System mit anderen Geräten und Anwendungen verknüpfen.

Lampen und Leuchten

  • Neue Vielfalt an Lampen,verbunden mittels des offenen Zigbee LightLink Standards
  • Dimmbar weiß und farbig

Pro Bridge lassen sich bis zu 50 Zigbee-Geräte ansteuern

Auf den industrieweiten Zigbee LightLink-Standard ausgerichtet

Da ZigBee Light Link ein ZigBee Standard ist,

sind alle Lichtlösungen vollständig kompatibel

mit Produkten, die bereits auf andere ZigBee

Standards eingestellt sind. Dazu gehören

beispielsweise ZigBee Home Automation,

ZigBee Input Device, ZigBee Remote Control und ZigBee Health Care.

You called this Document "FACTSHEET"


Fix the confussion ?

How does blocking 3rd party lights fix this confusion for the current installed base ? Existing installs continue to work with possible scene problems and new 3rd party lights can not be added, after reset of bridge 3rd party lights simply disappear from the api. Yes indeed, that will fix the confusion.....

If you're worried about

If you're worried about providing a positive user experience, can you just add a confirmation step to let the user know that the device being added is unsupported?

That or add a method of unblocking devices for developers/advanced users.


Otherwise are you facilitating returns? I purchased the starter kit with the intention of having different bulbs in other rooms (different colour temperatures etc.).

happy i didn't update

where is the list with supported 3rd party bulbs ?

Philips is going the apple-way?

A simple warning message when adding a "not supported" device would be enough for anyone i guess.

I stop buying Hue stuff for now !!


Please support the Dresden

Please support the Dresden FLS-PP-LP as a 'friend of hue' product.

Their dimmers are great.


Please support the Dresden FLS-PP-LP as a 'friend of hue' product.
Their dimmers are great.

Agreed.  Dresden dimmers are FANTASTIC and have always worked perfectly.  I have two, totalling about 30' worth of white light (just needed white, which is why I went 3rd party).  No way am I going to replace my ~$150 worth of 3rd party strips, zigbee controllers, and power supplies with a comparable 30' of hue strips for a whopping $500.  Not to mention the HOURS of install that I've put into these things (soldering, meandering through walls, etc.).

This update is very disappointing.

Please undo this 3rd party hardware blocking

The point is that it is no longer open. It's kind of scam. You published a firmware without warning that it would render lights of your customers inoperable!

And no, the bridge is no longer ZLL compliant as it excludes full zigbee zll certified 3rd party hardware. On your webpages you promise that your hue hardware is fully compatible with ALL other zll certified hardware. This is a lie! 

If there are certified lights causing problems there are two possibilites, either they do not comply to the zll standard and shouldn't therefore be zll certified or your bridge shouldn't expose these differentiated features built on top of the zll standard to those lights and only expose the main zll clusters via the bridge api.

This has to be a bad joke. I

This has to be a bad joke. I was using 17 Philips Hue components alongside with 5 Osram bulbs (whose form factor is not available by Philips) and two Osram Lightify plugs (as the Living White plugs are no longer available). I had to reset my bridge last week and now the Lightify devices do not work any more.

What is up with that? All of the components have been working great before, no issues whatsoever. And now Philips intentionally broke support for other ZigBee LightLink certified products? Philips, this is a very bad move! Customers will return their Hue products (it is their legal right to do so as you removed an advertised feature intentionally) and this will also cause huge damage to the reputation of the Hue system. I still cannot believe that Philips does not get it: there are many people out there who are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for home automation, if you give them an open infrastructure for it (this is what the Hue Bridge was until now). After this change, you have squandered this possibility.

If you want to prevent total damage for the brand, revise this decision. It would be okay to display a warning when adding third-party devices that some functions may not be available. But intentionally blocking these devices is pure nonsense (in fact, it's quite childish and, as you might already see right now, contra-productive).

Damage control - restore 3rd party hardware support

Creating a certification program to offer a great experience to customers is a lofty goal, but quietly sneaking in a firmware upgrade that breaks working deployments needs a reassessment. The smart lighting industry is gaining momentum after years of slow, early adopter growth. Forcing fragmentation at such an early stage hurts everyone.

This move has changed consumer sentiment from praise to scorn. Years of goodwill are being destroyed. Please re-enable 3rd party bulbs immediately to prevent a mass exodus. Even consumers that are using 100% Philips Hue products can have doubts when reading all of the negative feedback. Potential customers may defer purchasing decisions or avoid Hue entirely because of this new policy.

I would prefer a prominent page on your website that lists Philips Hue and supported "Friends of Hue" products. A disclaimer for other products would be sufficient (e.g., use at your own risk, some features may not work). Give consumers the choice and let them live with the consequences.

My recent Hue Lights app, http://huelights.com, works around one of the bugs you mention with OSRAM and fading to off. It is definitely a bug that was fixed in their firmware, but not all users have applied the fix. I have code in my app to work around this bug. I also have code to work around bugs in the Philips firmware, so they are not alone. If you keep the platform open, people can make it work.

amazon hue bridge 2.0 product review in germany

....37 of 61 reviews with only 1 star. most of them written in the last days.... 

there is nothing to add

This is really bad

I had to follow four forum threads to get here.

It seems like the philips support tries to split those threads so it doesn't look like there are a lot of unsatisfied users.

I was a happy hue user for the last year. 

Now i think have to return all of my hue products (i got nearly everthing from their product line).

However i think philips has to roll back their changes (at least in germany). I think this is cleary the case of a "§ 434 BGB Sachmangel". A fundamental feature of the product has been removed, so most of the users aren't able to use their product in the same way as before. So if you live in germany and you purchased the product in the last two years you can demand an "§ 439 BGB Nacherfüllung". If they can't provide a solution so that you can use your product in the same way as before you are allowed to retire from the purchase "Nr. 2 nach § 440, § 323 und § 326 Abs. 5 BGB".

Also i changed my Amazon Ratings for all of my purchased products from 5 Stars to 1 Stars with an explanation and a warning to not to purchase the bridge if you want interoperability with 3rd bulbs.

 I just cancelled my order

 I just cancelled my order for two Hues Taps.


 I owned a Wink system with 10 GE bulbs in 2 homes.

 I decided to get rid of the poorly implemented Wink hub.  Over a period of a couple months I bought two Hue starter packs, 10 additional Hue color bulbs, and 1 Lux bulb.   My main house has 3 GE and 16 color Hue lights.  My second home has one Lux and 7 GE bulbs.  The two systems work well. 

 Now with this distressing news I am not sure what I'm going to do in the future. I really feel used by Philips!

I cannot believe their marketing team would allow this horrible decision.

Sadly I need to return mine because of the update.

I don't even want to comment anymore.  Just got back from returning my devices.  Moving on.


please delete consolidated my posts above.


Please delete I consolidated my posts above.

Agreeing with all of the

Agreeing with all of the above comments: what a way to destroy goodwill. What about displaying a warning when adding new devices that you haven't certified (yet) and just keep the system actually open?

Probably everyything already said above
  • it is really bad business practice to remove without warning a vital funtion of the system. I would have never bought Hue if it would have been Philips-only. I'm returning my bridge.
  • Osram ,Lightify, FLS-PP where working fine with some minor quirks that I was happy to live with
  • if quality really was a concern: add an option with a warning (just like "Apps from other sources" in Windows/Android/...)
  • I don't believe quality was the reason rather than shutting out competition in bringing your own certification. Certification has to be vendor independent (ZigBee) or do you really believe Osram will sell lights with "Friends of Hue" stickers effectivly making free advertising for their competition?
  • I will add a 1 star review to starter kits to warn new customers of Philips business practices. It's probably the only way of making Philips aware of their bad descision.

One good came out of this mess: I moved on to RaspBee and found that I should have started with them in the first place: Hue lights and Tap, Osram Lightify and FLS-PP are working fine together without any problems I encountered when using Hue bridge. I've even already ported most of my app to their system. Hopefully more open systems will emerge now that Philips made room.

+1 for the Unsupported light

+1 for the Unsupported light checkbox 


@tal - Thanks for the Rasbee hook up. Bought it now to test for my clients.  



I too have downgraded all philips Amazon reviews to 1 star and posted a review on what they have done.  Stupid Managemnt people with their idiotic ideas. 

You coudl have so made this all better with an opt out of 'upgrade'  or actually told anyone what you were doing at all.  I've had  4 clients already on the phone asking why their simple home automation lights jsut don't work anymore. Thanks a bunch Philips. 

You've hurt no one but your self here. I've just totalled up all the philips Luminaires and Hue LampsI have installed in client offices and homes in the past 2 years and it's over £140,000 and won't be spending a singe penny more. I have already cancelled an 2K Hue order with a supplier because of this and will have to think about other solutions. 

This is the single most beligerant selfish 'upgrade' I have seen from a company since the Xbox Second hand games ban. which they saw sense on and backtracked in a few days. 




What they said

After much research I finally take the plunge into home lighting automation, order a Philips Hue system, and before the package even arrives I read about this. 

I'm going to refuse the shipment now, and leave a warning review on Amazon.  This is inexcusable. 




In your FAQ you have the following two statements, they cannot both be correct, can we please get some clarification?

"we introduced a change which stops untested products being able to join the Philips Hue bridge." -- This is what has the majority of people upset the rest of the post assumes it is true.

"The only things which is no longer possible is the control of those lights via apps from our ecosystem. " -- this is contradicted by the above quote.


This update has turned my installation into a brittle mess. Everything is currently functional, however in the case of a device failure, I will be unable to recover. For critical infrastructure that is simply not acceptable.

From your FAQ:

Q: Is Philips Hue still an open system?
There is no change to Philips’ commitment towards an open system and ZigBee Light Link as the best standard for residential lighting control. Our lights continue to be fully standards compatible with differentiated features built on top of the standard and exposed via our bridge. Likewise our bridge remains ZigBee Light Link compatible and allows other devices to join its network. Controllers other than the Philips Hue bridge could still join the ZigBee network and control all lights inside it. The only things which is no longer possible is the control of those lights via apps from our ecosystem. [and adding bulbs to an existing system, so what happens when a surge takes out my bridge?]

From the ZigBee alliance website

The following is from http://www.zigbee.org/zigbee-for-developers/applicationstandards/zigbee-...

    • Ensures different manufacturers remotes operates other manufacturers products
    • Add products from different manufacturers easily
    • Designed by lighting industry leaders to leverage expertise
    • One wireless standard and ZigBee Certified testing ensures interoperability of all products
    • Open, freely available networking supported by the ZigBee Alliance

You keep using that word (open). I do not think it means what you think it means. As it stands now the Phillips hue bridge is not open, and does not comply with protocol as outlined by the ZigBee alliance. The bridge now supports a restrictive subset of the protocol. I understand that it is not exactly the same thing as DRM, but that is what the greater internet will see it as.

To ensure the ability to recover from equipment failures, I will only consider open platforms for my installations, and am actively researching alternative solutions.

Philips is getting ripped apart out there.
Let's Be Honest

As I said above I am very disappointed. However upon reflection I must admit that I have had problems with the GE lights. They will work but you need to coax them along.  In my first installation I had to reset the hub three times until I finally got a working system with three GE lightbulbs.  Due to that first experience I only had to reset the hub once to get seven GE bulbs working in the second house.

The only reason I have some third-party lightbulbs is because of the legacy system. I never would've bought third-party lightbulbs as a viable choice after first purchasing Hue starter kit.

In another forum someone reminded us that NEST did the same thing. The big difference was they did it from the beginning when Phillips did not.

I reordered the 2 Hue Taps. It is stupid to cut off my nose to spite my face.


I just read in another forum that all third-party lights have already been removed from HomeKit recognition. I checked my HomeKit and it is true. HomeKit never worked properly with the GE bulbs.  Whenever I have a power failure they disappeared from HomeKit. Then I had to reset everything and start over. Luckily I have not had to do that in the last six weeks. I did it twice before that. Now they are gone. (From HomeKit)

Incompatible light bulbs?!?

Im really wondering what Philips understand under incompatible? I have 6 Osram Lightify bulbs all working fine without any dimming problem that is listed as one of the justifications for this limitation.

But I also made sure that I have the latest firmware on the bulbs. So just for the joy I removed one of the Osram bulbs with an E14 socket (yes people are also using this!) resetted the bulb after deleting from the Hue base station and.... Well you know the answer. It can not be added anymore!

So rather then blocking those cheep Aliexpress nock off that looks exactly like Philips Hue, and even call the self "Hue Lights", you blocked a perfectly working light for which I can not find any Philips counterpart.

Ok this unfortunately means that I will have to look in an alternative solution as Philips Light Link doesn't seems to be as open as they claim. And information from the support as this one https://mobile.twitter.com/tweethue/status/567368692452048896 can not be seen as reliable anymore. So why invest in an expensive locked up system with unreliable support when I can get no support and home brew solutions for cheep money from China? Or maybe better going to ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 where there is more companies to choose from? Must be a reason why Osram in the US when for that and not ZLL.

Although I prefer Hue products...

This under-the-radar update is beyond disappointing. Although I prefer using the Philips Hue products overall, there are certain types of lights/products that have yet to be offered by Philips. Having the option to pair those lights with the Hue Bridge was helpful to test products in my home to ensure it would be something to be pursued later when Philips offered them under their Hue line. There are many good suggestions offered by previous posters such as enabling an "experimental" at-your-own-risk mode to pair 3rd party products. This would give those users an upfront disclaimer in the case any unexpected issues are experienced along with allowing users to continue using the Hue system openly. 


It's such a coincidence this came up today because during a lunchtime conversation regarding landscape lighting and automation, I made a recommendation regarding how, of all the home automation products, I wish Philips Hue would offer outdoor landscape products because Hue was a great, open product to work with. It looks like I may have stuck my foot in my mouth. 

I've been on board with Philips Hue since day one and I've invested over $3,000 in bulbs, lightstrips, tap switches, and dimmers. These type of under-the-radar updates is something a company like Apple would pull. And you know what, I don't spend a single $ on Apple products due to philosophical differences.  

Are we headed into that same walled-garden philosophy at Philips?

If so, as an avid open source user, please let me know where I can send all of my Hue products for a full refund! 


Bye bye Philips :(

I've been on the Hue Hype train since day 1. I've got many hundreds of dollars invested in my Hue connected home with about 75% Philips bulbs and 25% 3rd party bulbs.

I've evangelized how great of a platform Hue was to many friends, family and colleagues.

Never again. This was a really bad move and Philips is going to really regret this. This is so incredibly anti-consumer. Shame on you Philips.


Hardware hackers! Let's get the ball rolling on figuring out how to manually flash the Hue bridge with custom/older firmware. Hopefully we can get that going and buy tons of non-Philips products for years to come!

Actually it sounds like a

Actually it sounds like a parameter to the search endpoint could easily give access to unsuported devices. Would need some technical knowledge and therefor make it clear the user knows what he is doing.

Before I update myself: anyone tested with living white bulbs and plugs? Have a couple of these, because they offer more light and allow to add normal decoration lights to my setup. 

These changes do not affect

These changes do not affect Philips commitment towards an open system and ZigBee Light Link as the best standard for residential lighting control.

I made this account just to point out that this is a lie and you should remove it from your statement.  If you were committed to an open system, you would not be blocking 3rd party lighting products from being installable on my hub, period.  My Hue was purchased based on the knowledge that ZigBee-certified bulbs would work with it.  Thanks to this firmware update, I have about $200 worth of bulbs I was waiting until after Christmas to set up and install which will require I buy a different hub to use.  Completely shameless decision.  Your firmware update deliberately removes a spotlight feature of your product and there's no sign Philips sees anything wrong with that, and the end users don't even have a choice in the matter.

Why would you buy into a

Why would you buy into a system to add third-party lights at a later date. Once I decided to go with Hue, I also decided to only buy Hue.

I am disappointed that my legacy system may not work. However, you must remember that Philips NEVER promised that third-party bulbs would work properly.

Philips Hue is so superior to the competitors that it is hard to fault them for wanting to maintain quality control. Wink required Internet service to work. Hue works locally without it.

Yes, I hate that I may lose the support of 10 GE bulbs which cost $150. But in the scheme of things that is cheap compaired to the $1200 plus I have spent on Hue.

Instead of getting upset, I now need to decide whether to spend $150 on Philip Hue White bulbs or $600 on Philip Hue White and color bulbs.

Not a bad choice.

Sorry you are wrong. Every

Sorry you are wrong. Every reaosn to get upset - They have stated everywhere that ZLL compatible devices will work - BUT they don't support them. i.e if it doesn't connect for any reason don't contact them, contact the bulb company. 


Phillips is part of the connect Light alliance which promotes interoperability in systems. This is utterly against that. Any aditional philips stuff they want to add on they can but ZLL is ZLL and should be open. 

They chose OPEN Zigbee Light Link as their system and are now DRMing that that which is utterly stupid.  They are frekaing Locking down light bulbs! 

Also don't assume that your setup is remotely the same as anyone elses in the world - I have 4 different tyes of Zigbee Light Links devices for solutions tha Philips don't provide. Outside lights, Zigbee inwall dimmers. Long LED strips and indepentant lights. 

I love my hue blooms etc - But I don't have any need for Normal Bulbs.  I have tiny halogens in ceiling roses - no philips solution. 


This is utter crap.  You're

This is utter crap.  You're spewing marketing BS to explain a software problem that PHILIPS CREATED.

You did not "expose a previously undiscovered error" in your API update.  You intentionally block 3rd party devices from your system.


PHILIPS is breaking the standard, NOT the other manufacturers.

You've lost many thousands of dollars with this idea.



You've just done your best to alienate the very vocal, early adopters who have pioneered the use of your technology in creative ways. I feel like we have likely done more to sell your niche technology than your marketing.  This was an incredibly short-sighted move which, given the many good suggestions in this thread that should have been obvious to a halfway decent engineering team before this was implemented, seems to not be a technical problem but rather a social/economic one.

The rift you've opened is now yours to close by making good on your promises of a standards-compliant platform. Humbly, it would be great to implement the technical solution that allows for those geeky experimenters to continue to use third-party hardware at the risk of instability, while protecting the bleeding edge averse with your software solution.

@philkach wtf are you talking

@philkach wtf are you talking about?

They promised that their system would work with all zigbee zll certified product.

If there is a problem with 3rd party hardware they should finally add a possibility to distribute OTAU firmware to all attached devices! Most of the problems of those 3rd party hardware has already been fixed in their latest firmware. But obviously philips is no longer interested in an open system and should leave the connected lighting alliance.

Bye Hue

I have dozenz of lights in my setup, most of them are from Philips. Due to this idiotic decision I'll be returning a few lightstrip+ (as soon as they arrive). I've also placed an order for several Osram devices.

Philips will not see a single dime from me again!

Disappointed regarding this stupid decision.

This is clearly a commercial decision to make more money and to undermine competitors, not to 'protect' consumers from compatibility issues.

Don't insult our intelligence!

My Dresden FLS-PP dimmers work(ed) perfectly without any issue! if you truly wanted to protect or inform customers, a simple disclaimer stating 'not all functions may work correctly' when adding 3rd party lights would suffice.

I can tell you this: the media and especially social media is picking this up with light speed; this will back fire on your sales. Also, dear Philips, if you stick with this it will be the last Philips product I ever bought. Very very disappointing.


+1 for this

"Also, dear Philips, if you stick with this it will be the last Philips product I ever bought. Very very disappointing."


+1 for this

"Also, dear Philips, if you stick with this it will be the last Philips product I ever bought. Very very disappointing."

If you don't support third party Bulbs out of the Box to confuse customers with non working bulbs that's ok and i understand why, but at LEAST put a checkbox in the settings that allows to use/try them. Put a Disclaimer underneath that says that they might not work but don't cut off that imho verry important feature!

Stabbed in the back!

I recently made the switch to Phillips Hue after careful research into the product and what I could integrate it with. After taking the plunge and forking out a lot of money to replace all the bulbs in my house with Hue bulbs and buy a lot of LED strip lighting, I am half way through completing my project and still have 4 FLS-PP IP Ballasts ready to install along with 20m of LED strip lighting (which were not cheap) - I guess these are now redundant, leaving me out of pocket... I already have 2 FLS-PP IP Ballasts installed which are working without issue and are a fantastic extension to the Hue bulbs. Reading this news comes with great disappointment as I chose Phillips not only because of the quality of the products but the fact it was an "open system".

If the reasoning behind this decision really was because of "interoperability issues", why not add and advanced level for people who want extra? or add a warning message for third party devices rather than completely cutting them out. This feels more like a money making scheme to force people to buy Phillips products. 

This was not a cheap investment to make but I did so with trust in Phillips - I now feel I have been backed into a corner and I have lost all confidence in the product - if this is not rectified, I will be forced to reconsider my options and look for an alternate solution without Phillips Hue which would be a real shame - sort it out Phillips!! 

Disappointing and short-sighted stance by Phillips


I'm saddened and disappointed by Phillips' stance on these 3rd-party devices. As early adopters - and sufficiently engaged with the brand/products to be here talking about it - I hope that Phillips will read and consider the feedback here since the feedback is sincere and well-meaning.

Phillips is clearly intending to make the Hue set of products as easy to use and reliable as possible. That's fine - all good there. But it also has the Labs capability of exposing work-in-progress product features so is mindful of tentative feature roll-out. My request to Phillips is that 3rd-party device support is enable via an opt-in, Settings. As users we're happy to take the hit of an occasional behaviour not being 100% - and exposing 3rd-party device support via opt-in would be a good balance of customer expectation vs. product experience. 

Personally - I bought FLS-PP lp on the basis that it's been found to be well supported and well-behaving with the Hue bridge.

Phillips - please revise your stance and don't overly protect us from risks we're happy to be exposed to. Remember - we're the tech fans, the guys who advocate your not-quite-mainstream products to normal people. Help us out here.




Will a reset force firmware upgrade?

If you stay on the old firmware and refuse to upgrade to keep 3rd party bulbs working, will a system reset in the future force a firmware update?

3rd party vendors were not informed about FoH program???

Am I correct stating that none of the 3rd party vendors were informed about this sudden change in Hue bridge support? I.e. to require 'Friends of Hue' certification on top of 'Zigbee Light Link' (which was and still should be the only requirement).

One vendor mentioned today they do not even know yet how to qualify for the friends of hue program! If true, that is another scandal by itself! They did not even had the chance to prevent this from happening by certifying in time before the silly update removed all functionality.

Please comment on this.

The issue is it's very

The issue is it's very unlikely that GE or Osram will become part of this sham 'Freinds of Hue' as: 


a) probably costs a fortune to be certified.
b) involves changing their product to meet whatever NON-ZLL propietary rubbish phillips are touting
c) would even consider joining a direct competitor 

Note. GE and Osram are happy to remain zigbee complient which shoudl be the ONLY requiremnt. 

The very fact that Phillips have Killed adding new 3rd party Lamps - Yet apparently allow the exisiting ones* proves there is no actual issue really other than corporate greed. 

*Another reason I am so annoyed... didn't happen with my setup. Did the update and all the lamps are gone. 




Back to X10

I have a house full of X10 wall switches, wall controllers and plug modules controlled via Misterhouse.  They have served me well for the past 19 years.  I am currently in the process of finding the best migration path/solution for the future.   I currently have a parallel control system based on OpenHab with Zwave and Insteon interfaces. 

Two weeks ago, I purchased a Hue starter kit with some addtional bulbs.  I was very impressed with the ease of configuration and the quality of the Phillips bulbs (I also purchased 1 Cree and 1 GE).  Based on that experience, I decided to move towards a Hue centric  Zigbee lighting scheme for my home.  Thankfully, I was in a hurry and did not upgrade my hub's firmware.  I currently have additional Phillips bulbs on order and will now probably have to ruturn them.  Phillips does not make a PAR38 Zigbee bulb, so outside lighting would now have to be another ecosystem.  I want 1 solution.

This is similar to Keurig and their decision to dominate the coffee industry with their 2.0 "upgrade".  I fixed that one with some orange duct tape.  



Class Action Lawsuit

This is actually class action lawsuit territory. 



It's a clear bait and switch and deliberatly removing fuctionality of a device and Switching on DRM. Also going against everything they've said in their marketing in the past 3 years. 

The irony is this would have been completely solvable with a experimental checkbox buried in the settings perhaps. As phillips claims this does not affect many people ( response says otherwise ) why are they being so hardlined about it other than money?

They truth is I woudl LOVE and PREFER to buy Hue kit - but they just don't make all the things that a lot of people need. 

I have no Single standard bulbs lamps ( only tiny ones that Philips don't make )

I Have Zigbee Dimmers controlling Overhead Halogens - Philps don't make those. 

I have Strip Lights that Philips don't make.  

Out door lights

If they actually made all this stuff then I would have bought them. But having ZLL complience plastered all over your boxes and Marketing then RIPPING it away without warning surely has to be an antitrust issue.

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