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hueCraft v0.1.0-BETA | A full immersive experience with Philips hue and Minecraft!

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Extend Minecraft to your room with this mod. Let your Philips hue lights extend Minecraft experience by changing the color and brightness of your room. Each biome is mapped to different colors and the color of the lights will change as you travel from one biome to another. Even when you are in the water your lights will turn blue. The light intensity in room will be the same as in Minecraft. Day-night cycle and different light sources will change the brightness of your lights, but also caves and other dark places will make the brightness go down. And this all using the public Philips hue Java SDK. A full immersive experience with hue!

Main features:

  • The color in your room will adapt to the biome you are in
  • The brightness in your room changes on the current light level of Minecraft
  • The color in your room will turn blue when you are in the water
  • Lights will blink when you are (almost) out of air
  • Add the biomes from different mods so your room react to all of them
  • Edit biomes to your favorite colors

0.1.1-Beta Update

0.1.1 Features

  • If you are on fire, your lights will change to fire colors
  • When you are taking damage, lights will flash red
  • Each time a lightning strike hits, your lights will flash bright white

0.2.0 Features

  • New option menu (Main menu -> Options -> Lower left corner "L" button)
  • Easier light selection
  • Easier switching bridge
  • Toggle on off effects


  • Philips hue lights
  • Forge 1.7.10



  • hueCraft 0.2.0 for Forge 1.7.10 (Download)

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First time use:

  • Start up a world in Minecraft and follow the instructions in the upper left corner of the screen
  • After the message “[hueCraft] Connected and ready to go” the first 3 lights will be used
  • If you want to use different lights you change the lights in the main menu > mods > huecraft
  • To add multiple lights to a group, write the id numbers on their own line
  • Also you can change the maximal brightness in that same menu

Customize biome colors:

  • After first use there is a JSON file named “huecraft-biomes.info” in the mods folder created
  • In that file there is a list of all vanilla biomes with the colors (based on hue and saturation)
  • Here you can edit the colors by changing the value of hue (0-65535) and saturation (0-255)
  • To add an biome you need the know the id and name and put them in the file and use the same format as the vanilla biomes


Do I need Philips hue lights?
Yes, you need Philips hue lights and a bridge. (For the best experience you need at least 3 lights)

My “huecraft-biomes.info” file is messed up, how do I reset?
Simply delete the file and the mod will create it on start-up

Which Forge versions does the mod support?
HueCraft only supports Forge 1.7.10.

Why can’t the mod find my bridge?
Make sure that your laptop and the hue bridge are connected to the same (WiFi) network, and not to 2 different network routers.

Where can I get the Philips hue Java SDK?
Here you will find more information about the SDK. Direct link to the Java SDK

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

Developers Support
hueCraft v0.1.0-BETA | A full immersive experience with Philips

Hi HueCraft team,

Due to a technical issue your original post was unfortunately deleted.  I have just restored it, however I was unable to restore your replies. I remember there being a few, so apologies for this and apologies to anyone who replied to the original post.

Nice plugin btw,  I tried this at home a few months ago and we got this working pretty easily.  Nice ambiance.

Hue Support - Steve

Very keen to see this

Very keen to see this continue to be developed! Once I get some spare time I'll do a video review of this mod.

Pulsing green lights to indicate a creeper is nearby?

Pulsing blue lights when diamond blocks are nearby?

Jukebox music generates light patterns?

So many options! Keep up the good work.

Hue Minecraft

does this work with the new Hue Bridges cuz its not working for me when i go into the menu it shows 2 huebridges i only have one 

ones mac adress is normal the others mac adress is Test

i would apprecheate any help 

Wel done! Keep up the good

Wel done! Keep up the good work!

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