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Post HTTP message to other server


I Would like to see it possible that the brigde sendsout a HTTP message to an other server when for example a motion sensor is triggerd.

Than it would be possible to:

  • activate a house alarm system.
  • trigger camera
  • ....

Can this be done?


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Post HTTP message to other server

Hi Martijn,

Currently it's not possible. Only way is to poll the bridge state and act upon.

We will pass it on to the development team as a feature request. No guarantees on if and when it will be implemented.

Hue Developer Support - Niek.

HUE BRIDGE Post or notification push!

What Martijn says is crucial. A system closed in IOT does not make sense, and goes against even the open system that is given to these Philips HUE. If Philips does not implement this feature will do other competitors (OSRAM ...) and Philips will be abandoned. The PULL method does not make sense, and puts pressure on the network unnecessarily. Events management is the only solution to be adopted and should be implemented absolutely. Please consider this as a valuable advice. Thank you.

More requests present.....

Also check this thread: http://www.developers.meethue.com/content/reacting-tap-switches on the board.The request is strong, helas without a willing ear from Philips so far. I wonder why they why they want to keep the bridge as propierty system here, where they could do so much more.

I agree it is weird that the system stays closed as with the current motion sensors it is very needed to open up, so one could also control blinds, heaters, cooler an what ever. Home automation is more then lights only.... 



Please listen to what we devs want, Philips. Your product and API is top notch and it would be a shame if people abandoned it just because they are unable to realize their dreams with it.

Waiting on event based actions for Hue motion

I've got my new Hue Motion devices and this is what I'm waiting on, make it happen Hue developers! :)

Adding my support for this.

Adding my support for this.

Being able to "registerSensorCallback" with the bridge, where it calls a RESTFUL API on triggering would be immesnly useful and greatly reduce the latency and load on the device required by polling.

Even just HTTP URL call without messaging to notify us so we can trigger a poll.



Still not possible to do this

Still not possible to do this?

Motion Sensor +Triggers


I think it would make alot of sense for phillips to create  IFTTT triggers for the sensor. Would Increase the value of this product alot.

Since IFTTT got delays sometimes , a direct Api solution would also be cool for hue dedicated apps.


For now im cool with polling  the sensor data  for my own needs.

IFTTT Triggers should be a no brainer though. I mean Hue is already on IFTTT ... 

Its just whether phillips want to open up or not :D ...


Love hue ... The new sensor is great , Api is excellent.

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