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Is there a way to change the startup color?

Before I dig into the API or IFTT, I need a simple question answered.  Can the default color on the BR30 lights be changed?  I'd like it to be a cool white instead of a warm white.

I would even be OK with starting up as warm white, but switching to cool white within a few seconds.  Do the bulbs report coming online to the bridge?  Or...could I have a 30 second loop that checks to see if the color is warm white and changes it to cool white? (ignoring other colors)

Please tell me this is possible somehow!  I know the bulbs are designed to never be turned off at the switch - but my house is fully automated and this is just not possible.

+1 for this

+1 for this

Me too. $200 for a starter

Me too. $200 for a starter kit, all this amazing light technology everywhere and the damn things cant be easily setbto start at a specific color or theme? Total BS. Rediculous that something sold in Home Depot requires you to be an expert programmer to use it properly! Going to get returned.

+1 startup too...

+1 startup too...


+1 startup state on/off -> when on -> which color and dim level

If your bulbs are powered and

If your bulbs are powered and off then you can set your startup color just by sending the right command. If your bulbs have no power, the bridge will report you the bulb is unreachable. By polling you can see when the bulb becomes reachable again. At the moment you see the bulb being available, you can send the cool white command after checking the current setting. That is how I do it.

I am polling every 2s, In daily practice I see the colors change after ca. 3 seconds after switching power back on. So yes, it is possible as long you accept a few seconds of wrong color.


Can you share the code?

Hi wvuyk,

Can you share the code for how you poll very 2s and then change the color? That would save a lot of time.


Depends ofcourse on what

Depends ofcourse on what language you are using.

In very simplyfied code:


  Query bridge for status of lights

    do while more lights available

       if lightsaved.unreachable = true and light.unreachable =false

            Setstate light to favorite

      end if

      lightsaved = light


    sleep 2000 ms


Get back to basics default color

I love hue bulbs but in the real world people use switches. So I would like to have a choice to default to daylight 6500k!! I have a very modern home with white cabinets yellow light makes my kitchen look "antiquey" yuck. I'm sick of pulling out my cellphone to fix my lights every time someone turns off the power. I have 16 hue bulbs that are going to sit in a box in my closet until this issue is fixed. I have to change them with daylight bulbs. It bothers me that much. Hurry up philips

I'd like this too.

In a perfect world, Hue bulbs would have the option to remember their previous state when they regain power, and they'd have the option to recall a chosen state when they regain power.  I say "regain" power because there was recently a brief power outage where Iive.  At 4am, the power came back on and my home was flooded with light, which was rather annoying.  I'd love to be able to set a Hue bulb to a specific setting when a lamp is first turned on.  And I'm sure many people would like the option to have a bulb remember its previous setting when a lamp is turned off and then back on.

This behavior would

This behavior would definitely have to be togglable though, because the auto-on on power restore behavior is meant as a safety feature in the event that someone else triggers a lights off situatin and you can't get to your phone or a tap (for example when my girlfriend pranked me the other day by killing the lights while I was in the shower.) 



I'm also looking for a way to save the bulb startup values.
Can we put somewhere a feature request?

Developers Support
Is there a way to change the startup color?


We currently don't have a feature request system but when we have a heavily requesed feature on the forum (like this or external Http rule actions) I do relay the information to the people concerned, and then they make the final decision on what goes in etc.

Hue Support - Steve

+1 for changing startup color

Hi Steve,


Being able to change the default startup color would be extremely useful. I never need the 2700K light, so I always have to reach out to my cell to adjust the color/temperature when turning the lights on.

If it could remember last setting when powered on, it would be really nice as well.

If safety is an issue, we can always force the startup to be not dimmed or at most 20% dimmed (but the same color/temperature as last time).




Need a way to save/remember default color/brightness

Yes.  PLEASE!!!  These bulbs need to remember a default color!  I have my bulbs on an AUTOMATIC schedule to come on/off at certain times each day.  However, I have to MANUALLY change their color every single day.  For an automated light system I shouldn't have to touch them each and every day.  This is a HUGE deficiency.  This needs to work when using the schedule, and when the bulb is powered on.  In my case the bulb never loses power, but it still comes on with the factory color, it does not remember the color I set for it.


from where is the polling script run?

The code solution mentioned above - how exactly is that implemented?  Is it something run through the hue app?  Is there a desktop app you run this from?  

Right now I have been using the hue app to control the lights but I too am frustrated with the fact that everytime my wife flips a switch in the house the light goes back to a bright yellow/white rather thanthe last color.  I have been trying to find a way to change the default color for all my lights but have had no luck.  It seems the script to constantly poll every 2s is going to work for me, though, so any info on how this is actually implemented would be great.  Is it an IFTTT recipe?


It was giving some insight in logic


This was just a sample in pseudo code, the real code you need is depending on the environment you are using (e.g. IOS/Java/.Net or whatever). I am using this for my plugin for Homeseer in .NET environment where it is triggered when a bulb becomes reachable again. And it works pretty well, although you have the delays to consider - switch goes on, it takes a bit for the bridge to report the bulb reachable to the program, then the program sets te light to the last known setting. 

The sample I gave here is only ment to give some insight in the logic how you could do this in your own program.

I doubt if there is a IFTTT recipe possible for this, at least to trigger only when a light becomes reachable. IFTTT is too much limited for that.





I visited webpage of IFTTT and it looks like to be a another project by a team from San Francisco led by CEO at Second Life (Coffee&Power San Francisco I joined 3 years ago).

If I recall IFTTT correctly,

IF condition then action by IFTTT recipe

stays for:

1. 1st web server API GET call

2. JSON callback parsing to get value for the condition (value or boolean FALSE or TRUE, fuzzy logic too complicated for IFTTT)

3. IF condition (true, false)  then ACTION

4. ACTION =  2nd web server API PUT, SET, DELETE .... call


DO stays for  web server API PUT, SET, DELETE .... call


If no API for the bulb is provided (ZigBee)

there is no direct way to reset the hue bulb to default (preset color) following the switch off/ switch sequence


I watched the hue bulb dismantled to the pieces on YouTube, not sure if ZigBee client comes with cache to store some values

in flash memory, to be recalled as defaults after switch off/switch on.

Not sure if ZigBee client/ master is flexible and can be upgraded to feature cache to store default preset values on power off.


I am trying to implement exactly distributed resources to be shared between Hue API app, the bridge and the bulb.

$3 web server chip can implemented into WiFi controlled RGB bulbs to feature the above requested functionality.


Let me know your opinion if I am correct about IFTTT since this is just another web place requesting login registration.

If I recall correctly, Firefox for Windows comes with back office scripting to script the Internet/ www (visit web pages, complete forms, get content of web pages processed for data extraction and more).




Without the API, Restoring Previous state is a must

I see this thread has gone everywhere.

However, on an awesome product like this, such a simple thing like Restoring back to previous state on a power loss is a must.

If that's a big case needs time, at least change the startup color into a bright white instead of this dark warm color.

I'm starting my home automation project with the startup kit and relying on normal switches. Everybody in the house is used to the normal switch and this is really annoying.

Please fix!!!

I can't believe this isn't already implemented.  I have been following the Hue product line for quite a while and just made my first purchase.  The lights going to a default setting every time they are turned off is a non-starter for me.  I was excited for about the first hour with this product and then learned of this unacceptable lack of a feature.  They will be returned.  PLEASE FIX THIS SIMPLE PROBLEM.

I think the bulbs store

I think the bulbs store scenes locally so perhaps this could be a simple change to be able to set the scene the bulb goes to when init power. Could it be possible to have an attribute the bulb uses for as the init power reapplied scene, or even have an emergency reset sequence state like power on off on off on type of thing to reset to the default bulb scene. I believe I read somewhere that the software on the bulb is upgradable as well as what is on the bridge so this is something that could be possible if there was an update to the bulb software. Has the swversion even been updated for lights before?

6 months later...

6 months later...

Any progress? I appreciate that there has been some feedback about this being heavily requested and relayed to internal development, but does that mean that this is coming? Soon?

Developers Support
Is there a way to change the startup color?

There is nothing much I can add here that I haven't said before in the sense that I cannot disclose future bridge features until they have been made public.    However, saying that I completely agree that 6 months without any response or indication on whether this feature will be implemented is not ideal.   Next week I will push this issue again internally to see if I can get an official answer.  I can't promise anything but I will try at least.

Hue Support - Steve

Now its next week :)

Now its next week :)

More information about this issue? For now my lamps doesnt work, because i switch them on/off witch my wallswitch and every time they go to 100% bright level.


What i like is an option to choose between the following startup options:

- switch on to last color and level

- switch on to fixed color and level, for example blue and 30%

Is there a way to change the startup color?


After purchase I was very surprised that a product like Hue does not remember its last state when switched back on. IMO this is a bad bug and above mentioned polling scripts should really be built into Bridge firmware (if bulbs themselves have no way to remember state).

Folks (at least me) cannot afford replacing all electric switches in the house with Hue taps neither am I willing to pull out my phone every time I want to switch a light on/off - all just to preserve the brightness / color.

featurerequest : default to previous lightstate after power loss


I'm also a user of the hue system, but I'm really surprised that it is not possble to control the startup behaviour after a power switch.

I have installed 6 bulbs and a ledstrip in my bathroom. The ventilation is chained to the lightswitch, so if the lights are turned on by the wallswitch, the airfan starts.

I can't afford me to leave the wallswitch powered on because of the vetilation system always sucking air with much noise!

Like many others request in this thread, I also vote for a mode that after a power reset, the bulbs should start in the previous, before the power was cut.

please add this to the software.

At the moment, with the current behaviour, I'm very disappointed by this behaviour.

I have also a TAP, but that doesn't solve the problem.

regards Peter

Hue ledstrip does memorizes color

Dear support,

I noticed that the ledstrip does startup in the last color when it is switched off/on with the wall switch.

What's the difference with the bulbs in that way?



Developers Support
Is there a way to change the startup color?

Regarding the Light Strips, this is a Friends of Hue product which was released later than the Hue bulbs with a different spec.

In the past we took the decision that during a power cycle the light would go to a predefined value.    If we would have chosen to take the previous value,  it would be possible for the user to be left in the dark.  e.g. Lights switched off via the app.
With regards to default startup behaviour, this has been under discussion internally for some time now and various options have been evaluated.    We hope to give you some more information in due time.  

Hue Support - Steve

Hi Steve,

Hi Steve,

Thanks for responding on this question! Are there any new developments on startup state? Frankly, I am getting ready to unload my ~$1000 investment in hue bulbs on ebay. I will hang in there for a while if you have some progress to report.



> In the past we took the

> In the past we took the decision that during a power cycle the light would go to a predefined value.    

> If we would have chosen to take the previous value,  it would be possible for the user to be left in the dark.  e.g. Lights switched off via the app.

> Hue Support - Steve

I understand the rationale behind not wanting the user to be left in the dark. It also would be weird to flip the switch and have nothing happening (ie no bulbs turning on).

In case of an emergency, I can see this situation resulting in a lawsuit (for sure in the USA).

However, I used regular wired "dumb" dimmers with on/off functionality and when I switch them on, they come on at the level they were set when turned off.

I cannot get this kind of functionality with Philips Hue Smart bulbs. That sounds pretty silly. Or at least not smart. It makes the bulb totally unusable in circuits with regular switches.

Why not have something simple like this happening at power cycle:

 - if the bulb was off when power was lost -> turn it on (at whatever brigthness/color the legal or marketing department wants it to)

 - if the bulb was on when poser was lost -> restore the state at which it was on

It will not make everybody on this thread happy. But by doing so, the bulb becomes actually usable in circuits with regular switches and at the same time, nobody will be left in the dark in case of emergency. I don't think anybody has ever brought a lawsuit against a company selling dimmers because when they turned the light on it was dimmed at the level they did set it before switching it off. 



When a user turns on a broken

When a user turns on a broken light, the first thing they do is turn it off and on again, and perhaps a few more times after that. You could detect this gesture and set the light to a bright state. That would fix your "user left them in the off state" situation. Other options are "remember the colour but set to minimum non-zero brightness" or "remember the last non-off colour" or "if last colour is off, then recover factory brightness". The user could decide which behaviour suits their needs, including the deadly "I am an adult, please remember the last colour"

I for one would very much like my lights to remember their last state so I can put them in to a dim night mode before going to bed, so when I switch them on in the night they are dim. Personally I would choose the "remember the colour but set to minimum non-zero brightness" option.

Is there an update on this issue?

location of your script

hi wim,

where do you run this script? did you install it on your bridge or run it somewhere on an external device?



The sample I posted here is ment only as logic overview. In my case this is part of the plugin I wrote for Homeseer. This plugin is part of the Homeseer system and runs on a exernal Linux or Windows device.


Just published on Twitter 

Just published on Twitter 

by Philips Hue


from @tweethue (Philips Hue)

@graywolf Hi, for security reasons we have chosen the lights to go to full white when switched on via wall switch. This can't be changed.^DB

10:48am - 6 Jul 15



Joris Everaert
Just read this thread

Ordered my first Hue's last week.  Have a problem with the default color.  Read the Philips tweet.

The Hue's are going back tomorrow.  I do understand they want to make sure a room is lit when turning on the lights, but the temperature of the light has nothing to do with security.  Otherwise, we all need to replace our lighting systems with emergency lights.

It is incredibly annoying that this expensive system is unable

It is incredibly annoying that this expensive system is unable to set this feature.

Let the user decide whether or not he wants this "security hole". Lets say I have a room where kids are sleeping and i dim it down to the very low. After some time I switch off the light. Now I am unable to switch it on without brighten the hole room. This is a big, big, BIG disadvantage and missing feature.

As mentioned before, you can add a minimum brightness after a reset, but you can't delete and replace a set setting, just because you think it is better for the user. Shame on you Philips for "parenting" your customers, the worst part is that you are even bad at it!

@wvuyk could you please explain, how you did this work around in code?
I have a home server(running Windows) and could programm it to do these kind of stuff, if you could explain it.



I still don't see how this has not been implemented yet. Sure one could argue safety concerns, but we should be able to change the default on state.

I mean if safety is the true concern, you could always have it set to make the bulbs go to their default 2700k 100% state at two quick flips of the switch.

But now I'm going to go full on conspiracy here and say that the only reason they have not made the change is so the can sell more Hue Taps. wink



Power failure

One solution: toggle 2 time the switch to turn on from off setting.

This will prevent the light in a bedroom to turn on in the midle of the night after a power failure. AND will respect the safety feature to be able to turn on the light manually with the wall switch.

 I love the ideal to reload the last value from the hub. The bulb may have no way to remenber the last value they had, but the hub is able to keep it.



Since Delete button is not active


Pressing Delete I get the following bug response:


Access Denied

Sorry! You are not authorized to view this page.


Please Login or Register to view the full API documentation and become a member of our exciting hue community.


and another bug



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Hue tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch. So no batteries needed.



Hue tap


Here’s hue tap, the world's first wireless smart switch.

Tech specs


Max. 25 hue taps per bridge

Works without batteries

Zigbee Green Power protocol, IEEE 802.15.4

Frequency band 2400–2483.5MHz

Range: 15 – 30m, depending on local circumstances

Weight: 90 grams

75mm diameter, 25mm height

Number of configurable buttons: 4

50.000 clicks lifetime

Freestanding use or wall mountable



Ok, to emulate functionality of Hue Tap Zigbee enabled smartphone is required.



I am over and over again requested the same message twice.

I am not a robot to send the same message twice


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What a joke


I've invested (partly) in Philips Hue, and I won't purchase more as long as the bulbs don't go to their previous color/brightness after being turned off/on with a physical switch.
I find this to be a bad joke really.. Do Philips really handcuff their customers that much, just to sell the clumsy Hue Tap switches? My god...

The whole "security" argument is not a valid argument. Its only a valid argument if the question is if its 'suppsed to be set like that as default or not', but not if its the ONLY option available.

It's like your surround system or TV is hard-coded to go to 0 % volume every time you turn it off and on, and you can't change the setting, unless you control them through an app on your phone. 

At first glance Philips has made an awesome lighting system, but when you learn how the bulbs behave when turned off/on with regular physical switches, it's way too annoying to use daily to be worth investing in it.
Great job!


I've just read this about LIFX when questioned about controlling them from wall switch:
"Access from LIFX apps is lost though to bulbs that are turned off by wall switches. When turned on, bulbs will resume their pervious settings before they were turned off. If the wall switch is flicked on and off within 3 seconds, the LIFX bulb will turn to bright white for emergency fast access."

Thats how you do it! LIFX here I come


Same issue here

It is a shame that Philips didn't see this coming. I am struggling with the same issue here.




... from my perspective having a way to set the default values would be useful. What would be more flexible though is a way to not have to poll, but to be notified by the bridge when a light is turned on - perhaps being able to register a URL it would call with details of the bulb. An async events API call of some description anyway.

Wish I knew

I was soooo pumped about these lights when I brought them last year. But they have been sitting my my closet since then. I'm switching from Hue to LIFX, I can't believe such a basic feature isn't available on such a premium product. PHILLIPS HUE IS LIKE BUYING A LEXUS BUT DOESN'T INCLUDE or HAVE THE OPTION TO BUY A MOTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't buy more Hue bulbs without control over this "feature"

I got a Hue starter kit and I love it except that I can't use the bulbs in my bedroom because at least once a week during hurricane season (I'm in Miami) the lights in my bedroom will come on at full intensity after any brief power flicker.  Then I have to stumble around trying to stop the terrible light while my wife yells at me.  That happened enough times that I had to banish the Hue lights to the living room where it is STILL a problem.

I refuse to buy more of these lights until I can disable that "safety feature".  My wife won't allow it, but I wouldn't anyway.  I tell all of my friends to avoid Hue lights for this one reason.  The benefits of the lights are not worth the risk of having them come on at full white intensity in the middle of the night.  I would spend thousands on replacing every bulb in my house with Hue lights if I could stop them from coming on at full intensity after a power flicker.

This is at least the fifth time that I've tried to bring this to the attention of Philips support, and clearly they don't care.  I'm looking for another lighting system that doesn't have this amazingly stupid flaw.  Philips engineers just don't seem to even understand why this would be a problem.  Does the power really never fail in the Netherlands?

Can't buy more Hue bulbs without control over this "feature"

If you are really ready to spend thousands of dollars replacing all of your bulbs, you can solve this issue yourself for less than a price of a single bulb. You could buy a low-power, low-cost Raspberry Pi and create a crontab entry that sends an "All Off" command every minute during the night. If one minute is too long to wait, you could have the cron scheduler run a script that sends an "All Off" command every second.

I use my Hue Lights app (http://huelights.com) to do the same thing, but I send these commands every hour. I also have some Raspberry Pi's doing the same thing for redundancy, but found the bridge schedules to be pretty reliable in this regard.

This is a brute force solution using a hammer, but might be worth consideration.

If you don't want to wait for the next Florida thunderstorm, you could always simulate one with your Hue Lights: https://youtu.be/XX1VZfLl4_w

Good luck.

Sorry Mark,

Sorry Mark,

but your solution is not smart.

Under reports published by WHO, Council of Europe, European Commission, and some US based agencies,

WiFi based microwaves are cancerogenic and WiFi communication should be disabled at night, especially

in your sleeping room.


Ok, your Raspberry Pi can communicate via Ethernet but your bridge communicates wirelessly with the bulbs.


I am surprised, the $2 fix, worth all your money,  is not offered yet with new released bridge and bulbs.

This is not a security feature, this is a bug.



The feature of having a default state when switching on the physical switch is a MUST. Because you can't expect guests and others to know about your Hue setup.

I cannot stress this enough! I mean if you see this as a security feature, there a workarounds. Imagine you have a default state and you have to reset a light, in the rare case that you can't find your phone, turn the switch quickly off and on or doing it 2 times within a 2 second time frame etc.

The argument of it being a "security feature" is too thin and it's a shame this is not already there. Phillips Hue is something that people like to use in everyday life and the whole dimming and color is just a gimmick as long as you have to use your phone every time.

Best constructive regards

Lasselukas Jensen, CPH

PS: Love the product and can't wait for the Siri bridge.

PPS: Will you be releasing lightbulbs with small socket support?

I just think they don't want

I just think they don't want to be sued or liable in case of emergency fire etc and a person turns lights on but the last setting was 1% brightness


on LIFX the brightness resets to 7% minimum


so simple 


+1 for this

+1 for this



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