Important Whitelist Changes

Please be aware that in the coming months it will no longer be possible to create custom whitelist entries on the Hue bridge. The randomly generated bridge username must be used instead.
It is anticipated this change will be rolled out to the public in April 2016.

This means that if you have developed a Hue Library or have a Hue app in the market which uses a custom whitelist username the bridge authentication will start failing after this date. So of course, if this is the case for your app/library it is strongly advised for you to update your app/library in the coming months to use the randomly generated bridge username.

In Summary

When creating a Whitelist username DO NOT use the below format to create your WhiteList usernames. This WILL NOT WORK in future bridge versions.

{"devicetype": "my_hue_app#iphone peter", "username": "myHueApplication"}

Use the below instead, and store the randomly generated bridge username (from the Bridge Response) in your App for subsequent bridge connections.

{"devicetype": "my_hue_app#iphone peter"}

The bridge will respond in the below format. The below randomly generated username should then be stored and used for future requests.



If you are using the Rest API, either of the below 2 links explain how to create your usernames  (Login Required)

Java SDK

If you are using the Java SDK, please see the file in the below link. The randomly generated username is now returned in the onBridgeConnected Method (PHSDKListener).

If you are using the QuickStart or JavaDesktop app as your base, there are some other minor changes. Easiest way to see them is by checking the commit log/differences.


The new iOS SDK v1.11beta was released on the 4th November 2015. See the file for details. This version contains the randomly generated bridge username so if you use the iOS SDK we strongly encourage you to update your app with this SDK version a.s.a.p.


  • Existing bridge whitelist usernames will not be deleted, so existing users of your app will not be required to pushlink again.
  • Random bridge usernames have been in the bridge since the start, so no bridge firmware/version checks are required. This is fully backwards compatible.


Any questions then drop us a line in the public forum.