3rd Party Apps

There are many fantastic hue apps made by 3rd party developers. Check them out using the below links by platform/operating system!

Android | iOS | Kindle | Windows phones | OS X | Chrome Extensions

If you have developed a hue app and you cannot see it listed here, or in the 'More apps for hue' page in the official Philips Android/iOS hue app then please contact us.

There are many other hue applications which are not in the above stores:

Pebble | Windows | Games | Ubuntu Phones | Web

Also, it's worth taking a look at: apps4hue. This nicely designed site offers reviews of 3rd party Hue apps. (Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Philips and is maintained by a 3rd party Hue developer).


Huetro is a feature-rich Hue app on Windows Phone 7 and 8. Use the simple setup to install all your lights and enjoy your Philips hue even more! Use the colorwheel to set that specific color, or use the intuive picture-picker to re-live your favorite memories! And use scheduling, voice commands or NFC to automate your home.


The first Hue Ubuntu Phone app, Shine enables you to control hue, brightness and colours of Hue lights. You can create groups to turn on/off multiple lights at once.