Philips hue API

Full API Documentation

The full API documentation is only available to registered users. Please login or register to view the full API documentation and become a member of our exciting hue community. It only takes a few seconds.

See what you can do

Your feedback following our hue launch was clear. You want to use light as you want it. Here we provide you some material to do so. The hue bridge has a powerful RESTful interface, which behaves like a simple web service. Use it as your tool. We hope this will help you to truly use light as you want it, by making new apps, websites and digital installations; integrating hue into something else or just playing around.

Getting started

We’ve started off by releasing the core parts of our bridge interface along with some easy to follow examples for how to use them. This should be enough to get you up and running controlling lights from your applications.

Free to publish

Philips thinks it should be YOU who profits from your work. What you produce you own and are free to give away or sell. That also means that everything connected with use of your product is your responsibility. Philips will not accept liability if your product causes harm. It is also entirely up to you whether and on what terms to commercialize your product.

Just as “what is yours is yours”, “what is ours is ours”. The software, trademarks documentation, and any other materials we provide to help you develop hue apps, including especially the interface specifications “API” belong to Philips. It may happen that working on an app suggests an idea to you for an improvement in the API or our materials. If you suggest any improvements to us and we adopt them, they become part of the platform used by everyone, and belong to us.

The interface between your apps and the hue platform will evolve over time, but we will do our best to maintain backwards compatibility and will inform you timely before we roll out updates.

All we ask is that you register your apps in the whitelist and make sure to make it clear they are your creation. You may refer to hue and Philips in plain text but you are not allowed to use hue or Philips name and branding or to use hue or Philips in any logo or graphics. What you are allowed to do is to experiment and have fun with hue.

More to come

There will be documentation covering more of our features soon. There already is an Apple SDK and a Java SDK to make linking hue to your apps a breeze.

There will be additional tiers to the developer program added over time to give you access to the portal APIs, hue endorsement/promotion and more.

Feel free to post on the developer forum to share what you are doing with hue, or to ask for information/support.